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adoption-book-review-pinterestWe have a very special someone’s birthday coming up! I cannot EVEN believe we’ve made three trips around the sun since our adoption. I’ve obviously grown and learned a lot in that time, and that is in large part thanks to the wonderful adoption community out there. We have so many ways to connect and share our happiness and our struggles, to learn from the experience and wisdom of others. We are not alone, as moms nor as adoptive families, even though it sometimes feels like it. And that brings me to this wonderful book by Michelle Madrid-Branch.

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If you don’t know of Michelle, she is an author and advocate who is both an adoptee and a mom. In addition to her children’s book, The Tummy Mummy, Michele has compiled some 70 adoption stories and perspectives from around the globe into a beautifully laid-out book, Adoption Means Love: Triumph of the Heart. No matter your place in the spectrum of adoption, you will find a relatable story in this collection.

Made up of real-life short stories organized into sections for biological families, international adoption, foster families, infant adoption, etc., it’s a digestible read that will leave you with a tear in your eye and warmth in your heart.

Wherever you are in the adoption path, grab a copy to be inspired. To feel like a part of this special community. To be mindful of the incredible gift of adoption. To feel the love.

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Sharing is caring!

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