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Fellow adoptive or future adoptive families, do you know about this resource where you can find professional photographers who offer major pricing discounts on adoption photo shoots? I stumbled on this gem while trying to find a photographer to capture our adoption finalization day celebration, and of course I have to share with you! How sweet are these photographers to offer this to adoptive families? Read all about how to find an adoption photographer through Red Thread Sessions, and some key things I overlooked but you shouldn’t!

Red Thread Sessions – An Awesome Adoption Photography Resource

Red Thread Sessions was launched by two adoptive moms who wanted to capture the wonderment of adoption through photography, and photographers around the nation have since joined the organization to donate their time. Adoptive families can locate a photographer in their area online to receive free or discounted photography services.

Important – Timing of Your Adoption Photo Shoot

As a policy, Red Thread Sessions is available during birth or near your homecoming, or within three months of your adoption finalization, so if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, be sure to book your session according to these guidelines. I missed this “fine print” (even though it is not fine print at all and is actually very clear on the organization’s web site!) and had considered waiting to use the resources for our baby’s first birthday pictures (which is not an option). I wish I had known about this resource at homecoming, because perhaps then I would have opted to do a newborn shoot. But, so glad I decided to book a photographer for adoption finalization, or I would have missed out completely (and let’s face, it, I love a good deal, especially with all the costs involved in the adoption process).

Be a more focused person than me and be SURE to read the Red Thread Sessions details page, ok?

My Red Thread Sessions Experience

I emailed probably five or six photographers, and only about half of them got back to me and continued ongoing, timely communication with me. So I encourage you to not just rely on one photographer (plus, they may be booked on your date). I ended up chatting back and forth with a really sweet photographer, who ultimately became booked as I decided what I wanted to do. She referred me to another great Red Thread Sessions photographer, Maricruz Photography, and we had a lovely photo shoot on adoption finalization day, capturing our family celebrating with Baby C in our home. Coincidentally, she was also in our courtroom that morning capturing the hearing for another family, so that’s another idea of how you could use your session.

We were charged half of our photographer’s normal rate. She even gave us a fast turnaround on photo editing during the busy holiday season so we could order prints for Christmas gifts. We were very pleased!

Just remember, if you don’t use your session to capture your newborn when you bring him or her home, be sure you use it within three months of adoption finalization.

I hope this was helpful to my adoption community! I think it’s such a great thing, and hope you will share it with others.

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  1. Hi Merrisa!

    Congratulations on the adoption of your little one and thank you so much for the write up about our organization. I’m so glad you were able to find and work with a photographer through our website!

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