3 Toddler Muffin Recipes That Are Saving My Life

Seriously, y’all. I wrote about this in a recent Tribe article, “On Surviving My Toddler’s First Month of Preschool.” Between teething, plain ol’ pickiness and starting preschool, the struggle is real over here, and healthy toddler muffins are saving me. I have to feed a picky toddler two meals a day (while trying to get […]

Easy DIY Baby Wipes

Man, I hate this topic, but my poor, teething Baby C has been having THE worst bowel movements lately. It has brought on a renewed appreciation for my favorite baby wipes and homemade wipe solution, so I figured I would blog about it. If you know me, you know I like natural, but am also […]

Sleep Like a Baby: Pros and Cons of the Angelcare Baby Monitor

Since we had a whole week to prepare to bring our baby home, I was completely overwhelmed by baby monitor options. Short story on why I love the Angelcare baby monitor: PEACE OF MIND. Not only do I know my baby is breathing, I know she’s safe in her bed and no one has stolen […]