Chosen: A Foster-to-Adopt Story

I have a special place in my heart for foster situations, and wish I had the wherewithal to pursue it in my adoption path. Maybe one day. My grandparents fostered some 30 children over the course of their lives, and adopted two of my uncles to add to their family of six biological children. I […]

Memories From an Adoptive Childhood: A Friend’s Sweet Story

I realize that (sadly) not every adoptive situation has a happy ending, but I have so many adopted friends, and they all seem to have wonderful parents and a positive story. I’m excited to share one of those today! This is a letter that my friend Michelle just wrote to her parents, who adopted her […]

Applying for a Social Security Number for Your Adopted Baby

Baby C’s birth certificate finally came in (it took about five months from the adoption hearing), so we made a little trip today to apply for her Social Security card so we can file our taxes and apply for the adoption tax credit (after filing an extension in April when the certificate wasn’t here; you […]