Threaded Together By Love: A Guest Post By Michelle Madrid-Branch

I am a mother of three amazing kids. Their ages are: fourteen, twelve, and six. Two boys and one little girl; each delivered into my life in different ways. My eldest son was delivered “biologically,” his younger brother was delivered out of Russia, and my youngest — the girl — was delivered out of Ethiopia. […]

What My Adoption Taught Me: A Guest Post for Michelle Madrid-Branch

I’m honored and excited to be collaborating with Michelle Madrid-Branch, who’s an adoptee, fellow adoptive mom, author, speaker, and advocate for women and children. It is not easy for me to write serious and personal stuff, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to dig deep, and I hope it helps others our there who have adopted […]

The Essentials You Need for Your Adopted Newborn Baby

When my husband and I began our domestic infant adoption journey, we decided to wait until we brought a baby home to prepare a nursery. To each her own, but not even a call that a baby was on the way could make me feel comfortable that this was real and wouldn’t end in heartbreak. […]