Adoption Book Review: Coco & Olive – The Color of Love

First of all, I have to apologize yet again to the wonderful Michelle Madrid-Branch for always being so late on my reviews for her. Life has been a little tough lately … who’s with me? Which brings me to my second of all: I hope everyone out there is managing to stay healthy, safe and […]


Why Mama Loves THIS Natural Deodorant

What does deodorant have to do with adoption? Well, nothing directly, but if you got to your adoption journey by way of infertility like I did, you may have become extra aware of how the things we put in and ON our bodies, like deodorant, can contribute to hormone disruption and other health problems. Hence, […]


Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts for Adoptive Moms

I know that all moms find Mother’s Day special, but it feels extra magnificent to me as someone who struggled for the title of “mom.” Getting to celebrate Mother’s Day is a gift in itself, but if you’re looking to show some extra love to a friend or fellow adoptive mom on this special day, […]