Why Mama Loves THIS Natural Deodorant

What does deodorant have to do with adoption? Well, nothing directly, but if you got to your adoption journey by way of infertility like I did, you may have become extra aware of how the things we put in and ON our bodies, like deodorant, can contribute to hormone disruption and other health problems. Hence, […]

My New Adoption Book: Almost Here!

I promise, we’re almost there, y’all! The printed proof of my new book of adoption short stories is in hand. I’m fine tuning the cover and artwork, and need to proof everything once more, but the book should be released this month, and I’m so excited. I have 50 pages comprised of 10 short stories […]


Book Review | Adoption Means Love: Triumph of the Heart

We have a very special someone’s birthday coming up! I cannot EVEN believe we’ve made three trips around the sun since our adoption. I’ve obviously grown and learned a lot in that time, and that is in large part thanks to the wonderful adoption community out there. We have so many ways to connect and […]