Adoption Book

adoption-stories-bookEmbarking on the adoption journey is not easy. So many considerations and options, feelings and fears. That’s why I felt compelled to put together this little book of short stories from across the adoption spectrum and across the country to inspire and encourage other adoptive families or those who are considering adoption. A great gift for yourself or someone struggling to start a family, this adoption book is also made available for free to adoption auctions and causes.

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What readers say …

“Parents — whether biological or adoptive — will appreciate and identify with the emotions in this book. The author, an adoptive mom herself, gathered input from other parents who became a true family when they opened their hearts to a child, many times after a long wait. Tender descriptions of the disappointment of infertility were transformed by joy that will touch anyone’s heart — and soul. What a lovely gift it would make for new parents.”

(Kathy, Wisconsin)

“Oh, what an eye-opener … such honest, transparent, heartwarming and soul-searching stories that are undeniably life-changing. I sincerely commend you for sharing this unique but powerful collaboration about the adoption community.”

(Carolyn, Texas)