Why Mama Loves THIS Natural Deodorant

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What does deodorant have to do with adoption? Well, nothing directly, but if you got to your adoption journey by way of infertility like I did, you may have become extra aware of how the things we put in and ON our bodies, like deodorant, can contribute to hormone disruption and other health problems.

Hence, my search for a natural deodorant that actually works. I’ve tried many, and Primally Pure is the first one I’ve loved, so I decided to become an affiliate and spread the news about this awesome brand. Read on to find out why I’m obsessed!

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Why Natural Deodorant, Why Primally Pure?

  • It actually works. I don’t even have to use deodorant every day anymore, whereas I was applying other brands multiple times daily. If I’m being really honest, I often skip a day between showers (gasp! don’t judge me … mama be busy, y’all!). But if that’s not a testament to how well this stuff works, I don’t know what is. I usually do apply daily, but it’s out of habit and because I love the feel and smell – it’s not because of body odor, which has just changed for the better since I started using Primally Pure (PS … my fave is lavender).
  • It allows you to sweat, which is a good thing. Primally Pure deodorants are not antiperspirants, which means they don’t prevent you from sweating out toxins from your armpits. Here’s a post about why that’s good. I can assure you, even though I sweat a little, I smell lovely!
  • I love the way it smells and feels. This stuff feel so fresh and luxurious. It’s not sticky like some of the other natural brands, and although it doesn’t glide on as smoothly as you might be used to, its powdery finish feels really refreshing, and the smell is amazing. (PS … if it’s hot or I’m planning to work out, I even swipe some across my lower bra line so that stays fresh if I sweat. Really recommend trying this idea!)
  • I don’t want aluminum or chemical-laden fragrance on my armpits. I’m a generally healthy person, but we all have our vices (wine, anyone???), so I’m all about cutting out the crap where I can, and we’ve all heard about the harmful effects of aluminum and other toxins. More about that here. Who can argue that natural, organic ingredients and essential oils aren’t better for your pits?


Sharing is caring!

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