Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts for Adoptive Moms

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I know that all moms find Mother’s Day special, but it feels extra magnificent to me as someone who struggled for the title of “mom.” Getting to celebrate Mother’s Day is a gift in itself, but if you’re looking to show some extra love to a friend or fellow adoptive mom on this special day, here are some gift ideas from the heart.

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Noonday’s Storyline Jewelry Collection

Do y’all know about this amazing company that gives back to the adoption community? The Noonday Collection was launched in Austin five years ago to help fund the founder’s adoption, and to date has supported some 3,500 adoptions. You can’t go wrong with awesome jewelry that supports the adoption community, but here are a few pieces from the Storyline Collection that really spoke to me as an adoptive mom:

adoption-gifts-together-necklace adoption-gifts-courage-necklace adoption-gifts-belonging-necklace

Together Necklace

“We are better together, and we are more alike than different. When we come together we can change the world.”

Courage Necklace

“You were made for a life of impact, and you have all the courage you need right here.”

Belonging Necklace

“You are wanted and loved, and you have a place of belonging here.”

Willow Tree ‘Child of My Heart’ Figurine

I always find these hand-carved Willow Tree figurines to be thoughtful gifts, and this one is perfect for adoption situations, where a child has grown in a mother’s heart instead of her tummy. Hand carved by an artist Susan Lordi, this figurine is packaged in a box ready for gift-giving and includes a sentiment card reading, ”Child of the world, into my heart you came … Bringing sun into my life, making family our name.” So sweet!


The Little Book of Adoption Inspirations

I compiled this book of short stories and adoption quotes to inspire moms and families across the adoption tribe, so it makes a great gift for adoptive moms and even waiting families. It’s also a gift that gives back to the adoption community, as it’s available for donation to various adoption auctions and causes.


Alex & Ani Birthstone Bracelet

This bracelet with my daughter’s birthstone was one of the most thoughtful gifts given to me when we adopted our baby girl. There are all sorts of bracelets with adoption sayings out there, but I liked the simple beauty of the birthstone commemorating the month I became a mom.


Adoption Means Love: Triumph of the Heart

A more expansive book of stories than my Little Book of Adoption Inspirations, Michelle Madrid-Branch’s beautiful hardback belongs in the library of every adoptive family out there, in my opinion (read my full review here). Organized into sections for biological families, international adoption, foster families, infant adoption, etc., it’s a digestible read that will warm the heart of any adoptive mom.


Inspirational Journals

Journals are always a thoughtful gift, and there are a ton that come with inspirational messages. Shop them all here to find the perfect message for your recipient, or check out this adoption-inspired journal:

Mom Mugs

After a long wait, being able to finally call myself a mom has been one of my greatest joys, and hearing it out of the mouth of my little one is just the best. A mug or wine glass is a frequently used reminder of how sweet it is to be called “mama” (even if it is done incessantly by my toddler!). Let’s not forget the major need for caffeine and wine = very practical gift for any mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. “No matter how motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle.” – Valerie Harper

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