Book Review: ‘The Not In Here Story’

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Let me start with a quick apology to the publishers over at Penny Candy Books, who asked me to review The Not In Here Story last summer. LAST summer. Talk about being behind! As I need not have to explain to any other parents out there, life is busy, y’all.

I was not paid to write this review, but I do use ads and affiliate links to support my blog. For more info, see my policy.

On to the book, which is simply a must-have for the shelves of any family who chooses adoption after infertility. In this heart-warming story, a couple sets out to start a family, because, “Something was missing. Something important. Someone important.”

Excuse me while I find a tissue …

Soon discovering that it’s not easy for everyone to grow a baby in their tummy, they travel to various destinations hoping to create the just-right circumstances for a baby.  Each trip ends with a disappointing tummy check: “Nope, no baby in here.” Then, a “light bulb” moment when they realize that maybe finding a child to love doesn’t always mean growing it in your own tummy.

Another tissue, please …

The journey through infertility and adoption is not basic or easy. Like many adoptive parents, I struggle with how to explain these difficult concepts as my little grows up way too quickly before my eyes. This sweet book does a wonderful job of breaking down adoption after infertility into an easy-to-tell story. My kudos and gratitude to author Tracey Zeeck and Penny Candy Books for bringing to life a highly relatable, important story that adoptive parents like me can use in this wonderful, challenging journey of adoption.

The Not In Here Story is also now available in ebook format. If you don’t know anything about Penny Candy Books, check them out for their children’s books aimed at open communication about sometimes-difficult topics (think vast subjects like racial diversity and saying goodbye to a family pet). I will definitely be adding more of these books to our family library!

Look for my next review coming soon: Michelle Madrid-Branch’s Adoption Means Love: Triumph of the Heart, which I am excited to dig into. In between the parenting and the working and the cooking and the cleaning. You know how it goes. Hopefully it won’t take me another year!

Thanks for reading this review! If you have a book to recommend to other families, please be sure to comment below.

Sharing is caring!

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