3 Reasons I’m Loving Basic Invite for Birth Announcements, Invitations, Biz Cards & More

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Did you know I left my corporate J.O.B. last month to pursue freelance writing and marketing work so I can be home more and (hopefully) better balance this whole mom gig? Obviously, new business cards for networking were a top priority. I used Basic Invite for the first time and was so impressed with the customization options, which allowed me to design a card to perfectly complement my new freelancing website. So I perused the rest of the site for future needs and found even more reasons to love it, including highly customized birth announcement cards and birthday invitations, free stuff and more. Read on for my three favorite features, and save 15 percent on your next order with code 15FF51 (you’re welcome!):

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but I strictly feature products I have used and love on this blog!

1. Customization to Your Heart’s Content

This was really important to me when ordering business cards, because like any good marketing pro, I do have a specific color palette. Designing my cards on Basic Invite got me thinking back to Baby C’s first birthday and how I had to abandon the invitation I tried to create online and have someone on Etsy design it for me instead, because the invitation site I was using wouldn’t let me customize the verbiage just the way I wanted. And then that got me thinking about birth announcement cards and how the “standard” announcement just may not convey what you want it to, especially in an adoption situation. You could even do adoption finalization announcements.

Granted, having a marketing background makes me especially picky when it comes to design options, but point is, there are times when customization really counts. Here’s the rundown on all the best ways you can tailor your cards and invitations on Basic Invite:

  • Choose from more than 180 color options within your design, and more than 40 different colored envelopes (which are all peel-and-stick, by the way). Change your font colors, background colors, etc. Go ahead and let your inner color control freak go wild.
  • Edit the copy inside almost any text box within the design.
  • Add text boxes, move them around, knock yourself out with your design skills – Basic Invite will let you!
  • Pick from five different paper options, including Luxe Velvet (ooh-la-la … more below on this one).

A proof is available instantly online, and if you are a perfectionist like me, Basic Invite is one of the few sites that will provide a printed proof before finalizing your order.

How sweet and perfect is this “So Worth the Wait” announcement? Basic Invite’s customization options allow you to create the perfect invitation or birth announcement cards to tell your unique family story …
I’m loving this tri-fold holiday card idea, especially since I try my best to be creative, and I have zero ideas on my own this year …

2. Free Printables & Address Collection

I don’t know that I’ve ever come across a stationery site with free stuff, but Basic Invite has an entire section of free printables, including super cute gift tags, calendars, cards, checklists, invitations, signs and more. And the site’s free address service allows you to share a link with friends to collect addresses and then get free envelope printing once they’re compiled. 

Free printables, like these gift tags, plus calendars, greeting cards, checklists, invitations, signs and more!

3. Velvet, & Foil, & Rose Gold, Oh My!

This site truly let’s you layer on the luxury, should you so desire. Foil printing (real foil, folks!) is fabulous enough, but they really had me at rose gold. Need I say more about that? They also have a “Luxe Velvet” paper option that’s likened to suede. My head spins and my wallet cringes just thinking about all I can do on my next order …

Basic Invite, you had me at “rose gold” …

Do me a favor, and if you come up with something spectacular on Basic Invite, please share it with me! I would love to see it. Don’t forget 15 percent on your next order with code 15FF51. Happy customizing!



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