How I Survived My Toddler’s First Month of Preschool

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When we adopted our baby, I really wanted to stay home with her, but hoping to adopt again in the future, I thought it more financially wise to return to work. We decided to splurge on the next best thing – a nanny to provide one-on-one care for her, and convenience for us. Man, those were the days! Now that she’s officially “toddling” and enjoys the company of other tiny humans like her – and our nanny had to leave us very suddenly – we figured it was time to make a move to the more affordable child care option of preschool.

You can read (and laugh) all about the hardships and lessons that first month brought this mom in my most recent article on Tribe magazine, and here on the blog, I offer a few practical tips that helped me adjust to this new step in my motherhood journey.

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Tips for Surviving Your Toddler’s Transition to Child Care

  • Don’t make a lot of commitments the weekend before your toddler starts preschool or daycare. Take the time to prepare for the week so that first day doesn’t seem so daunting. For me, that meant shopping for supplies, organizing clothes for the week and meal prepping.
  • Did I mention meal prepping? I recently wrote a post about how toddler muffins are saving my life, and I mean it. I make a dozen or two different types of healthy muffins on Sundays and freeze them. These become an easy breakfast that I now must serve before we get out the door and part of the daily lunch I now have to prep each night. Muffins are also one of the ONLY things my picky toddler will consistently eat. Get my favorite recipes here.
  • Organize and label snacks for the week in advance as well.
  • Buy at least two lunch containers and pack for two days at a time so you don’t have to make lunch every single night. It’s nice to have a little break, trust me.
  • Get yourself a label maker if you don’t have one for labeling lunch containers, bottles, etc.
  • Have backup linens or whatever your child naps on ready to go should you need them in a pinch (i.e., so you don’t have to do a rush load of laundry after a long day at work).
  • Lay out clothes for the week so you don’t have to worry about this in the morning. I reorganized drawer space and have a drawer specifically for what she will wear to school for the week.
  • Have Daddy chip in! I am terrible at asking my husband for help, but with adding meal prepping and packing, getting her fed and dressed in the morning, and pickup and drop-off, I simply cannot do it all anymore.

What saves your life as a working mom? Tell me in the comments so I can include it in a future post!

Sharing is caring!

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