Applying for a Social Security Number for Your Adopted Baby

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Social-Security-Number-for-Adopted-BabyBaby C’s birth certificate finally came in (it took about five months from the adoption hearing), so we made a little trip today to apply for her Social Security card so we can file our taxes and apply for the adoption tax credit (after filing an extension in April when the certificate wasn’t here; you can also apply for an Adoption Tax ID Number to use if you want to file in April – read more about that here).

The office was packed, but the process only took about an hour. Which left me time for a quick blog post for other adoptive families who may be wondering about the process!

Why Your Baby Needs a Social Security Number

  • To claim the child on your tax return.
  • To open up a bank account in his or her name.
  • Etc.

What I Needed to Apply

  • Baby’s birth certificate.
  • Adoption decree.
  • My drivers’ license (or some form of ID).
  • Form SS-5 (which you can get there, but I filled mine out in advance because I don’t know hubby’s Social Security number by heart, and it’s required).

And that’s it … Baby C is socially secured! I was told we would receive a card in two weeks. For more information and to verify requirements for your particular situation, see the Social Security Administration’s Social Security Numbers for Children.

Sharing is caring!

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